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COLOREIKI is an institute offering a range of unique services to help customers achieve optimal health and mental well-being. The institute puts forward a holistic approach to healing by combining chromotherapy, Reiki and chromo-Fit-Therapy, a unique and exclusive technique on the French Riviera.

Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is an alternative healing method that uses colored light to restore the energy balance for body and mind. COLOREIKI offers personalized chromotherapy sessions to help clients relieve their stress, anxiety, pain and other health problems.

Reiki is an energy healing practice that uses the therapist’s hands to channel universal energy into the client’s body, promoting healing and balance. COLOREIKI offers Reiki sessions to help clients achieve a state of deep relaxation, reduce stress and improve their mental and physical health.

Finally, chromo-Fit-Therapy is a unique technique combining chromotherapy and physical exercise. This innovative technique involves using colored light to stimulate the areas of the body corresponding to each color, while exercising, thus improving customers’ physical and mental health at the same time. COLOREIKI is the only company to offer this exclusive technique on the Côte d’Azur, and has already helped numerous clients achieve their health and well-being goals.


Ariane Sorel

A nurse who graduated from the Red Cross I.F.S.I in Nice in 1996, Ariane Sorel worked for nine years at Lenval Hospital, mainly in the emergency and oncology departments, her preferred field. Helping children and their families to fight cancer and to participate in their recovery and pain relief was her life’s calling.

Ariane Sorel then decided to turn to the private sector. She realized that if she were to care for patients in their home, she needed to adapt her sessions to their lifestyle and environment. Then she went to explore the province of Naples, in Italy, where she spent two years and became bilingual.

Back in France, she worked in a medical laboratory, and at the same created her own business, where she monitored the progress of her patients suffering from cancer. In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis she experienced high levels of stress and decided to adopt a totally different approach to health. She trained in the three levels of Reiki and qualified in chromotherapy to practice self-healing without pain, invasive methods nor the side-effects of traditional medicine.

She helps clients to resolve physical, emotional and mental ailments, by complementing rather than replacing traditional medicine. The results obtained by Ariane have convinced her of her new lifestyle choices and she is even more determined to raise awareness, promote and extend the use of these gentle therapies.

She recently trained in Karuna Ki Reiki to complete the care she offers her customers.

“Colors are like touches of light, we feel their symphony deep within us.”


The use of colors

Light and colors have always played a fundamental role in human lives. Already in ancient times, they were being used for healing purposes because of their beneficial properties.

Colors in hospitals

Since the fifties, maternity wards have used blue light to treat jaundice. The surgery department in the Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière of Paris has dedicated a safe space in which colors are projected on the walls for their relaxing effects. Israeli researchers from the BIDMC have conducted a survey which confirms the healing properties of green light on migraine. Many studies continue to highlight the benefits of color in the human body.

Colors in space

The NASA has observed that some lights help reduce significantly the healing time for wounds suffered by the astronauts. Since then, they have used reds and infra-reds for their healing and inti-inflammatory properties in the international space station ISS.

Colors in the sky

The Airbus A350 XWB imitates the variations of sunlight to facilitate its passengers’ sleep rhythm and to mitigate the negative impact of jetlag.

International Light Association
To go further and find out more, go to the website of ILA (International Light Association)


Library of Medicine
To go further and find out more, go to the website of the Library of Medicine, an official website of the United States government.


The Coloreiki method


The Chromo-Fit-Therapy

An innovative technique

The Chromo-Fit-Therapy is based on three soft and complementary therapeutic practices: Chromotherapy, Auriculotherapy and Fit-Therapy.

• Chromotherapy (infusion of colors with spotlights),
• Auriculotherapy (stimulation of the reflexes points in the ear),
• Fit-Therapy (application of a patch on the area to treat).

The association of these 3 techniques cures the affected area and speeds up the natural process of self-healing within 24 hours. Chromo-Fit-Therapy works well to cure tendonitis, sprains, torticollis, lower back pain, muscle tears… and helps treating acute pain in 2 sessions, 1 week apart.

COLOREIKI offers this unique method exclusively in the PACA region.



The power of colors

Chromotherapy uses the therapeutic properties of colors to treat physical, psychological
and emotional health issues.

It is very popular because it is a very pleasant, painless experience and it has no side effects.

Chromotherapy works on a wide range of ailments, such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, exhaustion, allergic rhinitis, wrinkles, age spots, and acne.

It doesn’t replace medicine but can be a complementary treatment to traditional medical care.

Chromotherapy provides the body with the light it needs to maintain its well-being.

COLOREIKI offers several customized cures at a rate of 80€ per session (including 1 free
session) :

The Peace and calm 9-day cure
• The Vitality 7-day cure
• The Beauty 10-day cure



Energy rebalancing

Energy rebalancing
Reiki is a gentle practice in which the therapist channels and redirects energy by placing his
or her hands on various parts of the body.

It helps to manage your stress, to heal pains, to boost your self-confidence and is a great tool to find peace and to learn to let go.

You will feel more relaxed and happier when you start practicing it on a regular basis. Rieki heals, soothes and restores your harmony and vital balance.

Reiki is appropriate for every one and has no contraindications.

COLOREIKI offers a complete rebalancing program in 4 sessions of one hour each.




A relationship of trust


A customized follow-up


A qualified practitioner


Cures and customized treatments


Ethics and professionalism


Here is my feedback after my chromotherapy sessions. A month ago, I had 2 sessions to get rid of my allergies. My symptoms have disappeared. No more runny nose nor itching. 2 days ago, I sprained my ankle. Thanks to the color therapy session and the patch, the swelling in my ankle went down and the pain is greatly reduced. I’m waiting for the next session to fully recover from this incident. I totally recommend the color sessions.


I was constantly suffering from rhinitis, and I decided to do some chromotherapy sessions with Ariane. After two sessions the symptoms completely disappeared, while it had been dragging on for months. I can finally breathe normally. I strongly recommend this new technique which seems very promising.


I’d had this really annoying pain in my shoulder for a few weeks which was most likely tendonitis. I tried out a first session with Ariane and the pain went down significantly. I am blown away by the results, all the more that the procedure is totally painless.


Ariane came to my house to treat my sprain. She killed two birds with one stone since my little Jack Russel had strained her back. After my treatment, I asked Ariane if we could try chromotherapy on my little dog, which she did. The same night she could walk up the steps again and the next day she was running in the garden as before. It worked wonders! As for me, I recuperated quickly from my sprain… Thanks Ariane for your good care and your kindness.


A huge thank you to Ariane for her very warm and friendly welcome; the light therapy session turned out to be very soothing and relaxing. I highly recommend this moment of pure relaxation, in an audio and olfactory environment that transports us into a bubble of well-being.


I felt very secure and satisfied with Ariane Sorel’s service. Professionalism and kindness. Thank you!


I had the opportunity to participate in a chromotherapy session, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the results. From the beginning of the session, I felt deep relaxation and a soothing sensation throughout my body. I could see the different colors changing gently, and each one had a different influence on my emotions and energy level. Warm colors stimulated my body, while cooler colors helped me relax. Chromotherapy definitely helped balance my mood and gave me greater mental clarity. The session was also very comfortable, and I felt safe the entire time. Overall, I am very impressed with chromotherapy and highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a natural and effective way to feel more relaxed and balanced. THANK YOU, ARIANE, for the well-being you bring to me.


Review of my 3 Reiki sessions.
Following my chemotherapy restart, I had 3 Reiki sessions with Ariane. I felt a boost of energy during my 2nd session.
Since that session, I feel like I’m better managing the nausea caused by chemotherapy. The 3rd session helped me regain a more regular sleep pattern.
I’m handling my days with fatigue a bit better. Looking forward to the other sessions, I am satisfied with the results.


As a fashion accessory creator, I sew tirelessly with my hands. For the past few months, intense finger pain due to arthritis has prevented me from continuing my activity. I tried ointments, dietary supplements, hot and cold treatments… without much success. It was a tragedy! I thought I would have to give up my passion. A customer, who had knee problems, praised the benefits of chromotherapy and directed me to Ariane. I’m on my second session now. The result is… impressive! Almost unbelievable! I no longer suffer, and I can even perform some precise and delicate movements.
Hope is finally rekindled. Thank you, Ariane.

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